Who Needs to Fill Out Form I-9

December 27, 2019   |   by Editor

Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification is an USCIS form that was made mandatory after the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1956. The form verifies the employee’s legal authorization to work in the United States. It must be completed by all newly hired employees regardless of their citizenship status.

So citizens of the United States are also required to complete I-9 and submit to their employers. If this is your first time completing the Form I-9 or need help, visit our instructions.

When do you need to fill out I-9?

All newly hired employees must bring their completed Form I-9s within the first three days of the hire. So if you started working on a Monday, you must deliver your I-9 to your employer by Thursday.

If any information is false on your I-9, your employer can end your employment in the business and report it to the USCIS. This will also go on record and the ICE might get involved to double-check if the employee is authorized to work in the country.

Employer’s Note

Employers who caught an employee lying about their I-9 Forms must document it instead of destroying the old I-9 even if the employee has valid work authorization. Doing this from start to finish with all of your I-9 will prevent any trouble with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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