USCIS Citizen Work Documents

March 12, 2020   |   by Editor

The Citizenship and Immigration Services regulates the work related documents about employment authorization and identity. Most of the work the agency does applies to immigrants but work documents like the I-9 must be completed by everyone regardless of their citizenship status.

As a U.S. citizen, you also must complete Form I-9. Although the use of the form is in front of illegal immigration, it also works as a security measure against identity theft. Because employers must keep their employee’s Forms I-9 in the personnel files, they can verify their identities. This can be done in multiple ways. A good way to verify your employee’s identity altogether is by filing their Forms W-2 on the SSA’s Business Services Online.

Upon starting to report wage and salary paid to employees along with the taxes withheld on the W-2, you can verify their Social Security numbers one by one. So doing it once a year is a great way to verify your employees’ identity for good.

Other than the I-9, there isn’t an employment form issued by the USCIS any U.S. citizen should care about. There is also another important IRS work form. The W-4 is used by employees to let their employers know how much tax should be withheld from their paychecks.

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