Reasons Why IRS Tax Refunds Delayed For Millions Of Americans

April 20, 2021   |   by admin

Reasons Why IRS Tax Refunds Delayed For Millions Of Americans many eligible americans have already received the latest round of stimulus checks but millions are still waiting for that new round of relief and on top of that their irs tax refund the irs says that nearly seven, million returns have not yet been processed this is roughly three times the total a year ago nbc news senior business correspondent, stephanie roll joins us now to help understand what's happening here, so steph what are some of the reasons for these delays good morning guys.

Well first things first the irs pun intended is really taxed right now that is the same agency that's responsible. For getting out the stimulus checks i know i'm such a nerd uh the stimulus checks remember that's 1400 to over 85 of households so they're doing that right.

Now and think about the last year we've had five and a half trillion dollars of some form of, government support because of covid and because of that we've seen huge changes to tax code that means there's complications there are questions the irs is.

Dealing with and lastly the irs like so many other, government agencies is having a man or woman power issue over the last 10. Years they've had an over 14 percent budget cut and that means there are thousands and thousands of less positions so when you talk to tax experts who. Really know the irs they're simply saying they have so much on their plate right now it's causing a delay some are even saying that we might see the tax. Deadline april 15th pushed back again this year which is what we saw last year so steph, we know so, many people were hanging on for that stimulus check that fourteen hundred dollars a lot of people feel the same way about their tax return right now and they need that money what can you do if you filed your. Taxes but you're still waiting any advice, you should honestly go to the irs's website you can do two things when you go to first you can figure out even if you're eligible for, the stimulus payments that's right on the home page but you can actually check your status you can put your personal information. In and you want to make sure you're using a private secure computer you're going to. Type your social security number in and that way you're going to actually, track if and when you're getting that stimulus payment and then you can go to my favorite, tool on the website which is literally where's my refund and again put your information in and you will be able to figure out when you're getting that money unfortunately many of, those millions of people who are.

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