I-9 Work Form Printable

October 18, 2019   |   by Editor

I-9 work form is one of the most important documents that must be filed by both the employee and the employer before the hire or within the three days of the hire. What it does is that it verifies the identity of the newly hired employee and their legal authorization to work in the United States.

Whether the new employee is a citizen or not, it must be completed and not doing it so may result in serious penalties and fines up to $20,000 per instance. Also, each I-9 must be kept separately for each employee in the personnel files.

Non-English Speaking Employees

If the new employee cannot read or write in English, a translator or preparer must help the individual to fill out and complete the form. If a translator or a preparer needed, the bottom of the first page must be completed by the translator/preparer.

Employees cannot complete the second page, it must be done by the employer. If the business owner isn’t available to complete it, whoever does it on your behalf must carry out the full Form I-9 responsibilities.

Keep in mind that it isn’t acceptable whether you be the business owner or someone from human resources, nobody is allowed to physically examine the employee’s employment authorization and identity documents.

Since the 2017 revision allows you to complete the form digitally, you can use any PDF Editor or any other software without changing the structure of the Form I-9.

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