I-9 Form 2021

March 5, 2020   |   by Editor

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a new Form I-9 that is effective from January 31st, 2020 and beyond. However, employees can still complete and give the I-9 07/17/2017 version of the Form I-9 until April 30. After April 30, employees must complete the 10/21/2019 version.

Since the Form I-9 stayed the same for over two years, we do not expect any changes to be made for 2021. However, you never know. Even if there might be changes to the Form I-9 for 2021, employees that work before the revision date and already gave their completed I-9 are not required to complete a new I-9.

I-9 Changes 2020 – Translator Section

Even if there is going to be a 2021 Form I-9, it is not going to foresee any changes to the functionality of the form. The changes are likely to come in how the form is filled out rather than what you include in the form. The most notable change over the years added a translator/preparer section to the Form I-9. It is for employees who can’t write or read in English.

Although it is more for seasonal workers since they are also required to fill out an I-9, workers who got sponsored jobs but can’t speak English will have to find someone that speaks their language to complete the I-9. If the USCIS issues a new Form I-9 for 2021, the translator section is going to remain on the form.

Whatever it is on Form I-9, all employees whether they be a U.S. citizen or not or speaks English or not are required to complete Form I-9.

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