I-9 Documents to Present

March 3, 2020   |   by Editor

When you hire a new employee, the newly hired individuals must complete an Employment Authorization Form I-9. It is mandatory for all workers. Businesses who have employees working for them must keep every worker’s I-9 in the personnel files. Keeping the I-9s separately isn’t necessary but recommended for saving yourself time in case of an inspection by the USCIS or ICE.

Also, as for the employees, you should give your completed I-9 to your employer within three days of the hire. If the I-9 isn’t provided, your employer can terminate your employment because of it. Just completing the Form I-9 isn’t going to cut it enough. You must present documents that establish who you are and your work authorization.

This goes for all workers regardless of their citizenship status. If you’re a citizen, you can use your driver’s license for the establishment of your identity and the U.S. citizen ID card for establishing employment authorization. These two are going to be enough to verify both your identity and employment authorization.

The rest of the documents for establishing each can be found below.

I-9 Documents for Verifying Identity

Driver’s License

State ID Card

Voter’s Registration Card

School ID with Photograph

I-9 Documents for Verifying Employment Authorization

Social Security Account Number Card

Birth Certificate issued by the State

Form I-179 – Resident Citizen Identification Card

I-9 Documents for Establishing Both

Permanent Resident Card (Greencard)

U.S. Passport

U.S. Passport Book

The full list of documents that are acceptable can be obtained on the third page of the complete Form I-9. Get Form I-9 here.

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