How to fill out IRS Form W4 2021 Head of Household

March 29, 2021   |   by admin

How to fill out IRS Form W4 2021 Head of Household in this video we're going to talk about how to fill out the iris form w-4 for 2020 as head of. Household so if you're single or unmarried and have a dependent this video is for you but before we do if there's your first time at our channel or you haven't subscribed click on the subscribe button at the bottom, my name is travis sickle certified financial planner, helping you reach your financial goals so this is the form that we're going to fill out this is the iris form w-4, now to make this really easy for you. To fill out you're going to want to use the online calculator to get the answer and then we're going to put it on the irs form. Now that is by far the easiest fastest and most importantly the most accurate way of filling out this form. So i'll put a copy of the w4 in the link in the description at the bottom now i'm going to pull it up on the screen and we're going to walk, through the iris form. W-4 for 2020 as head of household now as i just said this is the online calculator for the, iris form w-4 for 2020 and at the end we're going to be able to take this information and put it on the paper version so you. Can give it to your employer now this doesn't submit anything this is just a calculator to get the answers that we're going to. Put on the paper version so let's go ahead and get started so the first section that we're going to click off, on this first screen is going to be head of household right there and if you're wondering about head of household, and whether or not you actually qualify for head of household or whether or not you have a qualifying dependent then you, can look at publication 501 and you can see it right here it'll. Walk you through all the information to help. You figure out whether or not your child or dependent is a qualifying dependent but for this walkthrough we're just going to continue with the online, version so the second question is can someone else claim you as a dependent on their tax return no then we're going to go to the next step which. Is dependents now here is where we're going, to pick how many dependents we have later we'll choose whether or not they're a child that's under the age of 17 or if they're dependent 17 and older so, i'm going to go ahead and for this walkthrough we're just going to choose two of course choose the amount of dependents that, you have and then we're going to choose our income we're going to, say yes and then choose how many jobs you have for this one i'm just going to choose one job we're, not going to have a pension for this walk through if any of these apply in. Section 5 or 505 then go ahead and check them off if not then continue to the next screen now i will point out this, if you do have other income that's 1099 income then you can. Choose it here for self-employed income and that's earn net income from self-employment so it'll help you not only calculate your federal income tax, withholdings but also your self-employment taxes and it will help adjust it so we can take, it all out from your job but if you don't then leave this box unchecked i'm going. To go ahead and click on next and we're going to go to the next screen so here's where we're going to input our job and we do have, this job either through the whole year or part of the year if you do check off yes then it's just going to ask you how, frequently you get paid but if you just started this job then you're going to choose no. Now i'm going to make a side note right here, if this is your second job or your third.

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