Does Form I-9 Need Photographs

January 6, 2020   |   by Editor

Form I-9 is a USCIS form that is used to verify the identity of a newly hired employee and his/her legal authorization to work in the country. Given that the standalone form cannot verify both as a form of identification must be presented with the form, employees must present a document that verifies employment authorization and identity, or both.

You do not need to submit a photograph with your I-9. However, at least one of the documents that you present with your I-9 must contain a photograph. This can your state ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc. To see the full list of acceptable documents with the I-9, visit this post.

Do I need to bring a photo with my I-9?

There are no requirements set by the USCIS for bringing a photograph with your complete Form I-9. Since at least one of the documents that verify either your employment authority or identity will contain a photograph, it’s not necessary.

If your employer requests that you bring photographs with your documents, it isn’t related to the I-9. Not only I-9, but any other mandatory work forms like W-4 does not require employees to present a photograph. If you are asked to bring a photograph, simply ask your employer for you can ask what the photographs are for with your employer.

You can visit our front page to see the list of all acceptable documents that you can use to verify both your identity and employment authorization in the United States.

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