2020-2021 FAFSA

May 1, 2021   |   by admin

2020-2021 FAFSA hello everyone and welcome to the 2020 2021 FAFSA walkthrough my name is Jacob Newman and I'm a pain for college expert with the Utah Higher Education Assistance. Authority I'm going to guide you through the FAFSA so that you can complete the FAFSA completely and accurately in a timely fashion. Before beginning your 2020 2021 FAFSA if you are the student you will need to create what's called an FSA ID this is the username and password that you, will use to complete the FAFSA each year that you are in college go to FSA ID, IDI gov to create, your FSA ID if you are a dependent student on the FAFSA which means that you must provide parent information one of your parents will also need to, create an FSA ID as well for the purpose of this walkthrough however I am going to say I am the parent preparer or student from a. Freely associated state so you can see what it looks like I'm going to, enter in my information you this is just saying that you.

Will use this information for good purposes to pay for your post-secondary education I'm going to go ahead and hit accept if you plan to attend college in the fall of 2020 you are going to complete the 2020. 2021 FAFSA. Now we're going to create a save key which is a four to eight character password in case you need to come back this contains some frequently asked questions about the FAFSA which can, also be found throughout the FAFSA itself so I'm going to go ahead and hit next remember that in this. Portion is going to be the Student Information so you're going to enter your information you're going to confirm. This demographic information is correct you're going to enter your email address make sure you use a permanent email address and not, a school email address that might.

Disappear you're going to enter a permanent mailing address so going to ask if you have lived in the states that you are in for at least five years it's going to ask if you are a US, citizen you can answer in, one of three ways you can say yes I am a US citizen or a.

US national no but I am an eligible non-citizen this is an individual who has a green card or is, a refugee or si Li or you can answer no I am NOT a citizen or eligible non-citizen it's going to ask about high school completion status as well as what degree or certificate you'll be working on when, you begin the 2020 2021, school year for miles we're going to say that he is going to start his first bachelor's degree even if you have concurrent enrollment before you begin college you. Are going to say never attend the college, if this is your first year in college we always recommend that students say yes if they are interested in being considered for work-study this is an opportunity where, students can get a job on campus and use that money to pay for their educational expenses it's going to ask if you're male. Or female and this is as a sign on your birth certificate male citizens between, the ages of 18 to 26 need to register with the Selective Service System or the draft in order to receive federal financial aid or instead miles is not.

Registered but this gives you an opportunity to register right within the FAFSA itself, if you have not turned 18 yet this will save you a trip to the post office because you will.

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